Important Road Works Information: A1(M) Junctions 7 and 8 Northbound: Essential Carriageway Repairs

Published: 25 Jun 24

A1(M) Junctions 7 to 8 Northbound: Essential Carriageway Repairs Read More...

Proposed Temporary Road Closure - Hitchin Road, Stotfold

Published: 24 Jun 24

Reason: New Electricity Supply Connection and lamp column connection works Date: The closure will be in place 24hrs from 27th August to 3rd September Read More...

Walking Netball

Published: 21 Jun 24

Walking Netball Mondays 10.30am - 11.30am MUGA, Riverside Recreation Ground Malthouse Lane, Stotfold, SG5 4RY To Book Email Read More...


Published: 21 Jun 24

Live Music, Food, Drink, Crafts, Bouncy Castles and Lots More Saturday 29th June 12.00-20.00 Sunday 30th June 12.00 - 17.00. Arlesey Road Recreation Ground. Tickets are £1 for anyone ages 16 and over. Read More...

Proposed Temporary Road Closure- Regent Street

Published: 21 Jun 24

Road: Regent St, Hitchin Application from: Anglian Water - 0800145145 Reason: New Water Connection works Length affected: o/s no 9 Date:The closure will be in place from 19th -24th August for 24hrs a day Diversion Route Rook Tree Lane, Queen St, High St NB. The applicant will be responsible for taking down all Central Bedfordshire Council public notices immediately after the works requiring the Order have been completed Read More...

Mobility Transport Service: Door To Door

Published: 18 Jun 24

A transport service offered by "Door To Door" for those affected by mobility issues who are unable to use public transport. Eligibility criteria applies. Read More...

Notice of Councillor Vacancy

Published: 14 Jun 24

Stotfold Town Council has a Councillor vacancy - can you help make a difference to our community? Read More...

Update on Queen Street Road Closure

Published: 13 Jun 24

Update received from the contractor regarding the Queen Street Road Closure Read More...

National Highways

Published: 7 Jun 24

A1(M) northbound junctions 6 (The Clock, Welwyn) to 7 (Langley Sidings/Stevenage South) – urgent road surface repairs Read More...

Bedfordshire Archives Walking Tours

Published: 30 May 24

Bedfordshire Archives Walking Tours Details and Dates

Emergency Works Notification

Published: 28 May 24

Emergency Works Notification - Bronte Avenue, Fairfield

Public Path Creation Order

Public Path Creation Order

Published: 28 May 24

Central Bedfordshire Council (Arlesey: Bridleway No 14 and Stotfold: Bridleway No 33) Public Path Creation Order 2024 Read More...

Temporary Road Closure - Regent Street

Published: 2 May 24

Road closure in place from 30th July - 1st August for 24 hours Read More...

Pokémon Club

Published: 22 Apr 24

Every Saturday 10:00 - 12:00 at Stotfold Library

Shefford and Stotfold Children Centres

Published: 18 Apr 24

Shefford and Stotfold Children's Centre offering a range of services to meet families needs. April to July 2024 Read More...

Primary Care Transformation Listening Events

Published: 27 Mar 24

Dear Councillors and Clerks, Please find attached details of events we are holding in Central Bedfordshire, which are part of a series of listening events, to hear residents views on primary care transformation and how more people can access same day appointments. The next events in the series are; Dunstable Community Halls, Dunstable - Wednesday 8 May 1.30 – 3.30pm St Andrews Rooms, Biggleswade - Thursday 9 May 10.30am-12.30pm Read More...

Proposed Temporary Road Closure - Queen Street, Stotfold

Published: 26 Feb 24

The closure will be in place from 27th May to 12th July for 24hrs a day from High St to Mill Lane. Works to be done in 3 phases within the time frame: Street Lighting upgrades/ Footway Installation/ Carriageway Repairs. Diversion Route Rook Tree Lane, Regent St, High St. Read More...

Proposed Temporary Road Closure - Mill Lane

Published: 26 Feb 24

The closure will be in place from 13th May to 7th June for 24hrs a day. Mill Lane, Stotfold from Rook Tree Lane to Mill Close. Diversion Route: Rook Tree Lane, Malthouse Lane, Mill Lane. Works to be done in 3 phases within the time frame Street Lighting upgrades/ Footway installation/ Carriageway Repairs Read More...

Food Waste Bin liners

Published: 14 Feb 24

While Central Bedfordshire Council is no longer providing food waste bags; any bags can be used for the food waste bins – bread bags are a free recommended solution and bins can also be lined with paper. They are now being split and emptied before the food is composted and the bags recycled separately. Read More...

Queen Street -Proposed Temporary Road Closure

Published: 6 Feb 24

Road closure for Lighting Upgrades/ Footway Installation and Carriageway Repair works 15th April to 21st May 2024 Read More...

NHS Alert- Measles

Published: 29 Jan 24

Please note the message below from our Public Health team. UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has reported an increase in measles across the country and is encouraging people to check that they and their children have had two doses of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. The free MMR vaccine is a safe and effective way of protecting against measles, as well as mumps and rubella. It’s important for parents to take up the offer of MMR vaccination for their children when offered at 1 year of age and as a pre-school booster at three years, four months of age. If children and young adults have missed these vaccinations in the past, it’s important to take up the vaccine now from GPs, particularly in light of the recent cases. Check your child’s Red Book to see if they’ve received MMR vaccinations as scheduled or check with your GP surgery if you’re unsure Read More...

Proposed Temporary Road Closure – Astwick Rd, Stotfold

Published: 8 Jan 24

Astwick Road Temporary Road Closure from 11th to 23rd March for 24hrs a day Read More...

Riverside MUGA Tennis Courts!

Published: 3 Jan 24

🌧️☔ Hey Riverside Tennis Enthusiasts! ☔🌧️ 🎾 We hope this post finds you well. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans for our Riverside Tennis Courts. Due to recent wet weather conditions, we have to temporarily close the courts. 🚧⛔ We understand this might be disappointing, but safety always comes first! 🙏 📅 We'll be monitoring the weather closely and will keep you updated on the reopening. In the meantime, take this opportunity to rest, recharge, and eagerly anticipate the sunnier days ahead when we can all get back on the courts! 🌞🎾 Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay tuned for updates, and we look forward to seeing you back on the courts soon! 🤗 Read More...

Recycling and Food Waste Bags

Published: 3 Jan 24

The Town Council offices no longer have orange recycling bags or green food waste bags to distribute. Please order online from Central Bedfordshire Council or phone Customer Services on 0300 300 8300 Read More...

Need Project

Published: 2 Jan 24

The Town Council is very pleased to continue its support of the Need project and have a collection basket in our foyer Read More...

Proposed Temporary Road Closure - Baldock Road

Published: 18 Dec 23

The closure will be in place on 4th January 2024 from 0800-1700hrs. Diversion Route - Norton Road, A507, Hitchin Road, High Street Read More...

Have Your Say; Budget 2024

Published: 11 Dec 23

Central Bedfordshire Council. This is YOUR opportunity to have a real say on how you want your council Tax Spent Central Bedfordshire Council Read More...

Stotfold Community Coffee Morning

Published: 27 Nov 23

Come along and enjoy a free drink and snack, in comfortable surroundings at the Greenacre Centre. Open every Tuesday from December until March 2024 Open 9.00- 13.00 Read More...

Christmas and new year Household Waste Collection 2023

Published: 20 Nov 23

Information on any change of days for waste collection over the festive period Read More...

Sign up for bin and waste alerts

Published: 1 Nov 23

Receive email alerts about changes to your bin collections and other waste services. Read More...

Proof of address is now required for access to recycling centres

Published: 1 Nov 23

Visitors to Central Bedfordshire recycling centres will be asked to show proof that they live in Central Bedfordshire. Read More...

Riverside MUGA Tennis nets

Published: 23 Oct 23

It has been agreed by the Councillors that we will put up the Tennis Nets on a Tuesday and Thursday through the winter months starting on Tuesday 24th October 2023. Read More...

Central Bedfordshire (Stotfold Part of Footpath No.7) Public Path Diversion Order

Published: 11 Sep 23

NOTICE OF MAKING OF PUBLIC PATH ORDER TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990, SECTION 257 AND PARAGRAPH 1 OF SCHEDULE 14 CENTRAL BEDFORDSHIRE COUNCIL (STOTFOLD: PART OF FOOTPATH NO 7) PUBLIC PATH DIVERSION ORDER 2023 The above Order was made on 8th September 2023 under Section 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The effect of the order will be to divert part of the Footpath No 7, Stotfold running from points A-B to a line running from points C-B as shown on the Order map. Read More...

Proposed Temporary Road Closure – A507 Stotfold Bypass, Stotfold

Published: 22 Aug 23

Central Bedfordshire have a request for a Temporary Road Closure at the above location to enable Resurfacing Works to take place in safety. Full Length - from Hitchin Roundabout to Stotfold Roundabout The closure will be in place from 8pm on Friday 15th September to 5am on Monday 18th August 2024 Read More...

Central Bedfordshire Council Claimed Footpath 32 To be Added to the definitive Map and Statement

Published: 11 Jul 23

Footpath 32 between Church Road and Home Close Stotfold Read More...

Electric Vehicle Charge Points for Residential Use

Published: 20 Jun 23

Recent Installations in Stotfold Overview As part of Central Bedfordshire Council’s work with BP Pulse, a project to install 96 new charge points is nearing completion. These residential charge points are spread over 12 sites across Central Bedfordshire, including Brook Street Car Park, High Street, Stotfold, SG5 4LQ. There are also charge points installed at Stotfold Memorial Hall Car Park, Hallworth Drive, Stotfold, SG5 4HR as part of the same project. Unfortunately, there has been an issue with the mains electrical connection which has delayed this site being completed, however this is due to be resolved in the coming weeks. Read More...

Notice of exercise of public rights 2022/2023

Published: 9 Jun 23

Accounts year ended 31st March 2023 - Notice of Exercise of Public Rights 2022/2023 Read More...

How the 2023/24 Town Council budget affects your Council Tax

Published: 14 Feb 23

Councillor Steve Buck Town Mayor, Councillor Steve Hayes, Deputy Town Mayor and Councillors Jon Smith, Glen Russell and Talvinder Bhasin explain the increase in Precept and therefore Band D Council Tax charges for 2023/24 Read More...


Published: 26 Jan 23

New Timetable Valid from 5th March 2023

CBC100377 - Speed Reduction A507 Stotfold Bypass

Published: 23 Aug 22

that the contractors who are completing the work on the A507 Arlesey Relief Road, have requested that the speed limited be reduced to 40mph with immediate effect. This will be from the junction of Stotfold Road and the A507 roundabout to the roundabout junction with Hitchin Road. Read More...

Bedfordshire Police Speedwatch

Published: 14 Sep 21

Concerned about speeding in Stotfold? Why not volunteer for Speedwatch? Read More...

How to use a defibrillator

Published: 7 Jul 21

Watch the You tube video on how to use the devices Read More...

Defibrillators in Stotfold

Published: 22 Jun 21

Location of defibrillators in Stotfold

Dog Fouling notice

Published: 15 Jun 21


Electric Vehicle Charging Register

Published: 9 Jun 21

Electric Vehicle Charging Register

Dog Fouling in Stotfold

Published: 28 Apr 21

Please let us know "hot spot" areas in the Town Read More...

Littering in Stotfold

Published: 19 Mar 21


Countryside Code

Published: 18 Feb 21

Respect, Protect, Enjoy!!

Grand Union Housing - Youth Involvement

Published: 8 Apr 20

Grand Union Housing - Youth Involvement

Crime Reporting to Bedfordshire Police

Published: 25 Nov 19

Reporting of Crime and Incidents to Bedfordshire Police

Material and Non Material Planning Considerations

Published: 21 Oct 19

Do you know how to comment on a planning application? Click on the link to find out more! Read More...

Safer Central Community Safety Partnership

Published: 16 Jul 19

Keep your community safe and read about the CSP Read More...

Reporting of Planning Enforcement Issues

Published: 2 Aug 18

Get access to the online form to report any planning enforcement issues. Read More...

Grass Verges

Published: 2 Aug 18

At all times of the year, but particularly during the grass cutting season Read More...

Citizens Advice Bureau

Published: 2 Aug 18

Located at offices in Biggleswade and Ampthill the

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