The Town Mayor

Mayor Alan Cooper

At the Annual Meeting of Stotfold Town Council on Wednesday 5th May 2021, Councillor Alan Cooper was elected to serve as Mayor of Stotfold Town Council, and Councillor Brian Collier was elected to serve as Deputy Mayor for the year 2021/2022.

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Citizens Awards 2021

At the March Annual Town Meeting, the Mayor presented three of the town's residents with a Citizens Award. Nominations for the awards are considered by the Establishment Committee in confidential session. The Committee looks particularly for significant voluntary activity within our community.

Jan Gale

The first of tonight’s awards goes to a Lady who, along with husband Les and four-legged companion ‘sixpence’ only came to Stotfold around seven years ago. Taking on one of our local ‘ale houses’ originating from around 1833 they faced the reputation it was suffering of having become a slightly run down ‘old man’s pub’ that needed to move on into the 21st Century.

She was determined to succeed in this enterprise and to become a bigger part of local society as a whole so over those few years has organised and supported many events to do that. She, along with her team, and often involving her ‘regulars’ have carried out sponsoring events for local individuals and deserving causes including items such as marathon dart throwing, Christmas dinners for the Good Neighbours Group of participants, quiz evenings, numerous raffle prizes, collection jars and much else.

The pub itself has also become a more friendly venue for people of all ages who can go to enjoy a chat with friends over a drink or two or extend that to include a pleasant and reasonably priced meal from an extensive menu.

As the Coronavirus took its grip on the Country normal service was obviously not possible but she has supported many residents who were in ‘lock down’ isolation or simply feeling lonely with restrictions on their movements being imposed. She has made great efforts to provide a safe collection system or to make deliveries of groceries and meals to many people in the community which has been widely appreciated. She has also set up mornings and activities for mothers and tots.

Please join with me in showing our appreciation to Mrs Jan Gale of The Stag public house.



Roger Watson

The person nominated to receive our second award of this evening is both a member of the local ‘Teasel Group’ as well as a volunteer at the Stotfold Water Mill where he additionally runs the Archive Group.

            He coordinates, with the minimum             amount of fuss, the activities of the             Teasel Group at both Stotfold Mill             Nature Reserve and at other green             spaces around Stotfold such as             Centenary Wood and the Community             Orchard behind Etonbury School. He             puts a huge amount of his time and             effort into making sure these facilities             are in the best possible condition for             members of the public to enjoy.

            His cheerful nature and enthusiasm             have helped significantly raise the             number of volunteers for Teasel over             the last few years. Being extremely             unassuming he is popular with all             those he works and deals with and             handles all responsibilities with a light             touch.

            During the pandemic period he has             gone to great lengths to ensure that             any work groups have operated in a             Covid-safe way which has reassured             members, many in the more ‘senior’             age category, of their well-being.

            At all times, and even more so during             the Coronavirus pandemic period, the             ‘green lungs’ these open spaces             create for our residents are             recognised as important for both our             physical and mental wellbeing and             also as an introduction to nature for             younger members of society. Although             not a Stotfold resident it was felt that             this person’s great input towards the             welfare of our town made him worthy             of an ‘honorary’ award from the town.

   Ladies and gentlemen, your             appreciation please for Mr Roger             Watson



Snowy the Cat

The third and final of this evening’s nominations was slightly different from those normally considered in that the services rendered were done silently and with no praise being expected or asked for this Stotfold resident.

Those of us who have visited the Cooperative store during the periods of lock down will have been aware of the changes from normal such as hand and trolley cleansing facilities plus requirement to wear face masks and keep apart within the store.

The general mood during changes of Government instructions and restrictions became one of slight despair and grumpiness with many residents.

Something was needed to brighten up the mood and, as if arriving from nowhere, a little ray of happiness appeared at the store entrance. This was in the form of a four-legged big white ball of fluff who insisted on escorting people through the doors, only asking for the occasional stroke or belly rub from young or old alike.

Despite being regularly carried outside by staff he would guarantee to be back inside through the automatic doors much more quickly than they could manage and be ready to accompany another customer inside. Many a gloomy face of bored youngster was cheered up by his presence. This feline presence was greatly appreciated such that it was considered worthy of an honorary award for services to the town and its residents.

Ladies and gentlemen, your appreciation please for Snowy the Cat


Past Citizens Award Winners

2011 - Alan Syme, Ray Kilby, Colin Phelps, John Hyde
2012 - Christine Webster, Frances Huckle, Bill Cutler
2013 - Debbie Flanagan & Chris Charge (joint award), Louden Masterton
2014 - Pam Mansfield, Val Bartlett &  Sue Wright (joint award), Wendy Craig, Paul Redwood
2015 - Iain Rutherford & Patrick Chalmers
2016 - Val Balderstone & Ken Broadribb
2017 - Lyn Hayes, Kevin Balderstone, Brenda Saunders & Christine Smith
2018 - Jean Hill & Sheila Bundock
2019 - Clare Kilby & Chris Murray
2020 - Simon Barrow, Melanie Cheney, Helen Wightwick
2021 - Jan Gale, Roger Watson, Snowy the Cat
2022 -