The Town Mayor

Mayor Alan Cooper

At the Annual Meeting of Stotfold Town Council on Wednesday 15th May 2019, Councillor Alan Cooper was elected to serve as Mayor of Stotfold Town Council, and Councillor Brian Collier was elected to serve as Deputy Mayor for the year 2019/2020.

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Citizens Awards 2019

At the March Annual Town Meeting, the Mayor presented two of the town's residents with a Citizens Award. Nominations for the awards are considered by the Establishment Committee in confidential session. The Committee looks particularly for significant voluntary activity within our community.

Clare Kilby

Mrs Clare Kilby 

These awards were first presented in 2011 and the first of tonight’s awards go to the partner of one of those on the original list. This couple have often appeared as a double act, resulting in the production and raising of three sons while also supporting many activities around Stotfold, but they have also volunteered themselves in to multiple roles around the town within different organisations during the 50 years they have shared their home within our town.

But that’s enough said about HIM and we should concentrate on the female side of this duo.

While the children were young, she enjoyed helping at the Play Group held in the Memorial Hall and for many years was also involved with the Stotfold Holiday Club.

When their sons moved on to become pupils at Roecroft Lower School she became an active member of the Parent Teacher Association.

As a Scout supporter over 40 years she has volunteered her time as a Beaver Leader, planning activities to occupy packs of 5-7-year olds, organising parties, trips, camp and the opportunities to earn the famous ‘badges’ to be worn with pride.

She is also a member of the Scout Executive Group and Treasurer for the Cubs and Beavers!

The great American Statesman, Benjamin Franklin, apart from famously flying a kite in a thunderstorm also made many memorable quotes including; “If you want something done, ask a busy person”. This could well be applied to our candidate who, apart from working for a living and tending to her own family, juggles her time between multiple activities with maximum effect.

She was an active member of the original Stotfold Theatre Group and, as Secretary and member of the Stotfold Christian Choir can often be seen as she lets rip, in dulcet tones of course, at concerts in Stotfold and the surrounding area.

She volunteered to work in Randall’s Tea Rooms at the Mill when it first opened to the public and later became leader of the team of volunteer helpers who work on Sunday afternoons and throughout major event weekends.

She manages the tea rooms, orders supplies and prepares items for sale while also taking bookings for private parties and visiting groups always ensuring that they continue to gain the Food Standards Agency 5-star hygiene rating.

Her weekend begins early on Saturday mornings taking in deliveries to the Tea Room and setting up for the next day.

There can be no doubt that this lady, supported by and supporter of her husband Ray, has made and continues to make fantastic contributions to our community. With her ever ready smile, friendly nature and ability to put people at their ease she has ample qualities to be worthy of a Citizens Award.

Chris Murray

Mr Chris Murray

The 25 nominations accepted over the last eight years have been involved with a wide range of interests covering both indoor and outside activities for people of all ages and abilities. One of the main reasons they have been nominated may well be that their example and enthusiasm shines out to others and inspires them to want to take part?

Some are relative ‘loners’ while others are much more ‘team players’ but what they all have in common is that their efforts effect and enhance our community and contribute to the feeling of belonging within the town.

Our next nominee is very much within the ‘team player’ category and has dedicated thousands of hours of his own free time, often putting great strain on family life, to providing our younger people with a sense of team spirit and responsibility through the game of football.

As a young father and an enthusiast for the game he, also involving his own family, joined others in coaching for the Stotfold Juniors back in 2006 and has seen many of his ‘boy’s’ team progress all the way through to adult matches since then.

With ever growing success he started a girls’ team for under 6’s and is still coaching them now as under 11’s.

He was Vice Chairman for the Juniors for 6 years and then moved on to Chairman and through this time was very much instrumental in the development and growth of the club. He has earned the respect and admiration of both the team managers and players and, as said earlier, is one who manages to inspire them all to want to take part and improve their skills.

His passion and commitment to the Junior Football Club and team building skills with the individual team managers has doubled the number of teams to around 45 and players to around 650-60-70 or thereabouts with their numbers seemingly increasing at a faster rate than the population of China.

Finding enough space for the complex permutations of pitch sizes, team ages and genders to be able to play locally and in all weathers remains a difficulty but that is what he and the other managers have been juggling with always so we hope their joint enthusiasm will continue to make the Club ever more successful.

Past Citizens Award Winners

2011 - Alan Syme, Ray Kilby, Colin Phelps, John Hyde
2012 - Christine Webster, Frances Huckle, Bill Cutler
2013 - Debbie Flanagan & Chris Charge (joint award), Louden Masterton
2014 - Pam Manfield, Val Bartlett &  Sue Wright (joint award), Wendy Craig, Paul Redwood
2015 - Iain Rutherford & Partick Chalmers
2016 - Val Balderstone & Ken Broadribb
2017 - Lyn Hayes, Kevin Balderstone, Brenda Saunders & Christine Smith
2018 - Jean Hill & Sheila Bundock
2019 - Clare Kilby & Chris Murray
2020 - 
2021 - 
2022 -