Your Council


What is a Town/Parish Council?

Town/Parish Councils make up the first tier of local government in England and are the layer of local government closest to the communities they represent. There are some 9,000 Councils at Parish level in England. As a tier of local government they are elected bodies, with discretionary powers and rights laid down by Parliament to represent their communities and provide services for them.

What can they do? What are the statutory powers and duties?

A list of Town/Parish Council powers can be found by clicking here (this is not an exhaustive list)

What is our Council responsible for?

  • Hitchin Road Recreation Ground
  • Riverside Playing Field
  • The Green
  • Arlesey Road Recreation Ground
  • Greenacre Park
  • Millennium Green
  • Stotfold Cemetery
  • Town Council owned street lighting
  • The Memorial Hall
  • The Simpson Centre
  • The Greenacre Centre
  • Pix Brook Play Area
  • Public Conveniences and Car Park – Brook Street
  • Public Conveniences - Arlesey Road (Arlesey Road/Football Club car park)
  • Allotment Sites in the Town - Norton Road and Common Road (latter site owned by Eleemosynary Charity of William Field, and managed by the Town Council)