Proposed Temporary Road Closure - Regent Street Stotfold

Published: 31 March 2023

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Proposed Temporary Road Closure – Regent St, Stotfold

I have a request for a Temporary Road Closure at the above location to enable New Water Connection Works to take place in safety.  Details are listed in the schedule below and having assessed the application I am satisfied the request is justified.

The restrictions are to be in operation only when the necessary signs are erected on site. The Legal Order will be made to cover a 12 months period.  Access may be allowed from time to time according to local signing.

If you have any observations, you wish to make I would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible.

Streetworks Team - Central Bedfordshire Council

Road:                         Regent St, Stotfold

Application from:      Anglian Water - 0800145145

Reason:                      New Water Connection

Length affected:        no 1

 Date:                           The closure will be in place From 26th to 28th April for 24hrs a day

Diversion:                  Continue on Regent Street,

Turn sharp right towards The Green,

Continue on Rook Tree Lane,

Turn slight right towards Queen Street,

Continue on Queen Street,

Turn right towards High Street,

Turn sharp left towards Regent Street,

Continue on Regent Street 

NB. The applicant will be responsible for taking down all Central Bedfordshire Council public notices immediately after the works requiring the Order have been completed.



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