Riverside Playing Field Refurbishment

Published: 25 March 2022

Following our recent community survey, we are looking for your views on two possible options to update and refurbish the Riverside Playing Field area.

Option 1
Refurbish existing MUGA, provide new skate park and play equipment

We would retain and refurbish the existing MUGA using specific S106 funds available and an awarded grant, bringing it back into full use.  We would provide a relocated, much larger skate park (than the original one, now removed due to safety issues) and would look to the community to help with the layout.  We would provide a larger area with new play equipment, replacing the old and outdated pieces.  This would be of a wooden design, to complement its edge of town and countryside surroundings, and the existing wooden zip-wire which would remain.

You will see on the diagram below, the yellow square is the existing football pitch, the black square shows the existing MUGA, the red area shows the proposed location for the new play equipment, the blocked out brown square shows the site for the relocated skate park, the white area shows a possible car park extension, and the blue area is the existing 'pond' area which is subject to a separate improvement project in coming months.


The hatched pink area running alongside the River Ivel could be managed to provide increased biodiversity, with paths cut in to access certain areas.

Option 2
Replace MUGA with an 'activity hub' - new building, car park and play equipment

This alternative option would see the existing MUGA removed and replaced with a new building, housing two large courts, cafe and associated hireable space.  It would come with a large car park and access road from Malthouse Lane.  A replacement skate park would also be provided as per project proposal above, together with a smaller area for new play equipment.


 With both projects, the existing youth shelter and football pitch would remain.  We would also be looking to provide additional or replacement picnic benches in suitable locations.  Security of the car park is being improved by provision of new lighting and a new height barrier of 2.1m.

As the refurbishment of the existing MUGA already has funding allocated, and if the second larger proposal were to go ahead, it would be some time before work on the ground started, we have agreed to commence the refurbishment of the MUGA at the earliest opportunity.  This will ensure the community has somewhere to play sports, learn to ride a bike, have a kick-about or perhaps to test your new remote-controlled car!

In terms of timing and finance, the first project would cost around £400,000 with funding already identified/available for some elements.  The second project for an 'activity hub' would cost around £4million.  Funding for this project also needs to be identified.  For either project, we would need to go out to tender for these sized projects and obtain planning permission.  Residents should be aware that this process can be lengthy.

We would like to hear your views on our initial proposed options, and if you would like more information, please ask.  Thank you