Central Beds Council - Electric vehicle charge point provider appointed

Published: 08 February 2022

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Electric vehicle charge point provider appointed


We have appointed BP Pulse to expand the network of electric vehicle charging points across Central Bedfordshire.

The partnership will focus on the delivery of fast and rapid charge points in public and residential locations to support the transition away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles and to work towards meeting Government targets on transport decarbonisation and net-zero.

We have an opportunity to bolster the network in Central Bedfordshire and beyond, with neighbouring authorities Bedford Borough, Luton Borough and Milton Keynes Council also partnering with BP Pulse. It is hoped the partnership will provide consistency of choice in the local area for residents and commuters.

More information, such as finding existing charging points and our Electric Vehicle Charge Point Plan, is available on our website.

Once confirmed, announcements will be made on the location of new charge points.

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