Your views wanted on our draft strategies

Published: 19 October 2020

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Yours views wanted on our draft strategies

We’re consulting residents, businesses and organisations over our draft leisure facilities and physical activity strategies.

We all know that being active every day is important for everyone, at every age. It’s essential for overall health, cuts down the risks associated with excess weight, diabetes, and heart disease and has a positive effect on other conditions including mental health.

We want to know what activities you do regularly. This includes walking and gardening as well as more traditional physical exercise and we want to know what barriers to taking part exist.

We also want to find out if you agree that our leisure centres should be flexible spaces which can react to changing needs and support people with both exercise and less formal physical activities. We believe they have a vital role to play in helping people maintain their physical and mental health, and build resistance to, and recover from, COVID-19.

We are also planning for future housing growth and so we need to ensure our indoor leisure centre facilities keep pace with growing demand. The draft leisure facilities strategy details how and where we need centres to meet residents’ needs, in line with our Local Plan.

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