"Smishing" Scams

Published: 07 October 2020


'Smishing' scams

Act with caution if you receive a suspicious text message

ScamThe Trading Standards team is warning residents not to fall victim to scam text messages, also known as “smishing” (phishing by SMS).

Unfortunately, we regularly receive reports from consumers who are worried about a suspicious text message they have received. These can range from messages purporting to be from a bank asking you to confirm a transaction or to verify your account details; or a supermarket claiming you have won a prize draw; or even from the HMRC or local Council informing you that you’re entitled to a tax refund.

These messages will often prompt you to click on a link or visit a bogus website, to confirm your details or to claim your prize or refund.

These types of text messages are scams!

They are designed to obtain your personal information and bank account details.

Never click on a link in a text message you were not expecting to receive. If you are worried about anything relating to your own bank accounts, contact your bank directly to confirm whether the message is genuine or not.

Do not respond to the message and don’t be worried about just deleting it from your phone.

Please help prevent others from falling victim to these types of scams, by letting your family and friends know about this alert.

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