Bogus "Winter Payment" Call

Published: 30 September 2020


Bogus "Winter Payments" call

Act with caution if you receive a suspicious telephone call

ScamThe Trading Standards team is urging elderly residents to be on their guard if they receive a telephone call about “winter payments”.

We’ve been made aware of a call received by some residents, whereby the caller has claimed to be from the “Ministry of Health” and is phoning about “winter payments” or “winter fuel payments”.

The caller then proceeds to ask for personal details, such as the resident’s address and whether they live alone.

Although it is not clear what the caller’s intentions are, we would urge anyone who receives this type of call or similar, to act with caution.

Never provide any personal details to a caller who has contacted you out of the blue and do not be afraid to simply hang up!

Please help protect others from this type of telephone call, by letting your family, friends and neighbours know about this alert.

If you receive a telephone call that you suspect maybe a scam, please report it by calling us on 0808 223 1133.

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