Suspicious Telephone calls - Loft insulation

Published: 22 June 2020


Loft insulation telephone calls

Act with caution if you receive a suspicious telephone call

ScamThe Trading Standards team has been made aware of some residents receiving a suspicious telephone call raising concerns over the safety of their current loft insulation.

The callers have reportedly tried to obtain personal details from the residents and attempt to arrange for someone to visit the resident’s home to examine their loft insulation and discuss further options.

Although it is not clear what the caller’s intentions are, we would urge anyone who receives any type of unsolicited telephone call to act with caution.

Never be intimidated into making a quick decision and always take a moment to ask yourself if the caller is genuine. Do not provide any personal details to a caller who has contacted you out of the blue. If you’re interested in what is being offered, take time to verify any claims being made and seek further advice by contacting local reputable businesses.

If you do have doubts about a telephone call you receive, then do not be afraid to end the call by simply hanging up.

If you receive a telephone call that you suspect maybe a scam, please report it by calling us on 0808 223 1133.

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