Covid 19 - Stick to the rules as the shops re-open

Published: 15 June 2020

As our High Street and town centres non-essential shops and some attractions begin to re-open with the partial easing of lock down, we must all remember the virus has not gone away and so sticking to the rules and guidance remains vitally important.


If you use public transport, you must wear a face covering or you may be refused travel. There are exceptions for very young children, those with respiratory conditions or those for whom a disability makes wearing one difficult.

They do not need to be medical or surgical masks and they can be scarves, or homemade face coverings made from T-shirts or similar materials.

They should also be worn indoors where it is difficult to maintain the standard, 2m social distancing.

Many places will offer free hand sanitiser and we should all use it, where available. Please also try not to touch your face, and, once home, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

Face coverings should be washed on your return home, they can go in with a normal load but set the wash at at least 60º C. Dry in tumble dryer set at high heat or in sunlight.