Test and Trace Explained

Published: 05 June 2020

Coronavirus updates


Test and Trace explained

As we all know and appreciate, fighting coronavirus is a marathon and not a sprint.

Whilst lockdown has gently relaxed (allowing us from this week to social distance with friends / family in gardens and open spaces), we’re not out of the woods yet. That means you, me, everybody still have a role to play in the battle with Coronavirus.

This week, I’ve been getting my head around the new Test and Trace system. I must admit, it took me a few times to read the guidance before it clicked!

So, talking as if it is me developing symptoms...I’d isolate immediately, contact the NHS via their website (or call 119 if no internet access) to get tested.

If I test positive, a process then kicks in to trace who I’ve been in contact with. Guidance would come from the NHS on how to do this. They’re notified and must self-isolate to stop the spread.

This week that might be my close family – we had a social distancing BBQ, boy that was hard work trying to pass the bowl of coleslaw, complete carnage. That’s about as close as I have been to anyone.

But it has made me think even more about be careful about avoiding close contact with others. I not only don’t want to be responsible for spreading it to someone else, I also don’t want to have to self-isolate for 14-days if I’ve been too close to someone who then tests positive. Even more reason to keep wearing my social distancing sombrero!

So, in a nutshell – that explains the name, Test and Trace. In my mind, it is trying to get one step ahead of this darn thing and stop it in its tracks.

Make sense? Hope so, but if not, there is plenty of info on the GOV.UK website about how it all works.

Stay safe folks, keep washing your hands and do your best to have a lovely weekend.

Test and Trace

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