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Recreation Lands, Public Lands and Lighting Committee

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Recreation Grounds, Public Lands and Lighting Committee

MEET – Second Wednesday, monthly

CONSTITUTION – Ten members, and one half of its Members shall constitute a quorum (five)

All Committee meetings are open to the public and press, except by resolution where publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business (Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960). 

All non Committee Members may attend Committee meetings and speak at the Chairman’s discretion, but not vote.

The Recreation Grounds, Public Lands and Lighting Committee has delegated authority (Local Government Act 1972 S101) to:

  • Resolve actions incurring expenditure within its budget.
  • Prepare estimates of expenditure in October for the forthcoming financial year for consideration by the Council, via the Establishment Committee.
  • To conduct a half yearly appraisal of the budgets based on September figures.
  • To prepare and maintain a grass cutting schedule.
  • To review the job specification and contract for the handyman and landscape contractors.
  • To arrange repairs and maintenance of the Hitchin Road Recreation Ground, Riverside Playing Fields, Multi Use Games Area and The Green, and associated play equipment and the Public Conveniences and Car Park at Brook Street.
  • Liaise with and support the P3/Teasel group.
  • Maintain and improve landscape throughout the town.
  • To monitor and protect the footpath and bridleway network within the town.
  • Spraying of foreign growth on footpaths as designated by the Committee.
  • Overall responsibility for Town Council owned sporting facilities.
  • Control of bookings of the Hitchin Road Recreation Ground, Riverside Playing Fields, Multi Use Games Area and The Green.
  • Responsibility for the leases relating to Town Council owned land and their annual review.
  • Management and control of Town Council owned allotments.
  • Management, control and development of all playing fields, sports grounds, open spaces, play areas, skate parks and other leisure and recreational facilities.
  • To liaise with Central Beds Authority on matters relating to improvements on roadways, footways, footpaths, car parking and drains within the town.
  • Provision and maintenance of litter bins, bus shelters and seats within the town.
  • Responsibility for the maintenance and supply of Stotfold Town Council owned street lighting.
  • To liaise with Central Beds Authority for the repair and upkeep of all lighting columns within the town, owned by them.
  • Responsibility for the street lighting maintenance contract and tenders on a three yearly basis.
  • Maintenance of flowerbeds, tubs, troughs and any other areas held by the Council on lease or licence.
  • To liaise with the Dog Warden on a regular basis.
  • Maintain a rolling programme of maintenance and major projects.
  • To ensure that the Town Council complies with health and safety regulations.
  • Approve executive action taken by the Clerk on health and safety grounds.
  • Review all documents pertaining to this Committee.
  • To keep minutes.
  • To instruct the Clerk to obtain information before the next meeting.

This Committee may make recommendations to the Town Council on relevant matters for which it has no delegated authority, and may be given delegated powers by full Council to take action on relevant matters.

Approved 6th March 2009

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