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Planning Committee

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Planning Committee

MEET – Wednesdays as required, usually twice monthly

CONSTITUTION – Ten Members, four Members of this Committee shall constitute a quorum

All Committee meetings are open to the public and press, except by resolution where publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business (Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960). 

All non Committee Members may attend Committee meetings and speak at the Chairman’s discretion, but not vote.

The Planning Committee has delegated authority (Local Government Act 1972 S101) to:

  • To consider all planning applications on their merit and to make comment and pass resolutions in respect of these.
  • When considering planning applications, to take the statements of the adopted Town Plan into consideration.
  • To respond to Central Beds Authority on all planning applications within the set timescales.
  • To appoint Members to attend Central Beds Authority’s Development Control meetings to make representations on behalf of the Council where necessary.
  • To request a Central Beds Authority Councillor to call in applications to be referred to the Central Beds Authority’s Development Control Committee for consideration.
  • To monitor Central Beds Authority policies and Plans that could affect the town.
  • To consider all matters of relevance to planning issues within Stotfold or its immediate environs that are or could be the subject of planning applications, and which have a relevance to the town of Stotfold and its inhabitants and to make recommendations thereon.
  • To instruct the Clerk to obtain information before the next meeting.
  • Keep minutes.

This Committee may make recommendations to the Town Council on relevant matters for which it has no delegated authority, and may be given delegated powers by full Council to take action on relevant matters.

Approved 6th March 2009

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