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Establishment Committee

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Establishment Committee

MEET – Wednesdays as required

CONSTITUTION – This Committee is made up of the Chairman (Mayor) and Vice-Chairman (Deputy Mayor) of the Town Council, plus the Chairmen of each Committee, and two other members elected at the Annual Statutory Meeting. Membership numbers will therefore vary between seven and nine. Four Members of this Committee shall constitute a quorum.

All Committee meetings are open to the public and press, except by resolution where publicity would prejudice the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business (Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960). 

All Town Councillors may attend Committee meetings and speak at the Chairman’s discretion, but not vote.

The Establishment Committee has delegated authority (Local Government Act 1972 S101) to:

  • Resolve actions incurring expenditure within its budget.
  • Prepare estimates of expenditure in October for the forthcoming financial year for consideration by the Council.
  • To conduct a half yearly appraisal of the budgets based on September figures.
  • To receive estimates of expenditure in December for the forthcoming financial year from other Committees of the Council, to set a recommendation for the Precept for approval by full Council.
  • To request the agreed Precept amount from Central Bedfordshire Council, or their successors.
  • To review and monitor Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Terms of Reference for Committees and Health and Safety procedures for office staff and visitors.
  • To monitor and control office procedures, office facilities and staffing.
  • Responsibility for the appointment of a Responsible Financial Officer.
  • To review the internal audit procedures annually and to appoint an Internal Auditor.
  • To review office staff salaries and contracts when information from NALC is available.
  • Annual office staff appraisals to be carried out during February/March, and this Committee to be informed that they have taken place.
  • The Chairman to undertake an annual appraisal on the Clerk.
  • To form Sub-Committees for staff appointments, grievances and appeals as required.
  • Responsibility for the control of the Legacy Account and associated matters.
  • To monitor all tenders and contracts, after review by other Committees as relevant.
  • To manage policy with regard to promotion and publicity of the Council.
  • To seek nominations, and decide on winner of the Citizens Award scheme - to be kept confidential within Committee until the Annual Town Meeting, when presentations will take place.
  • Ensure that the Town Council complies with health and safety regulations.
  • Approve executive action taken by the Clerk on health and safety grounds.
  • Review all documents pertaining to this Committee.
  • To keep minutes.
  • To instruct the Clerk to obtain information before the next meeting.

This Committee may make recommendations to the Town Council on relevant matters for which it has no delegated authority, and may be given delegated powers by full Council to take action on relevant matters.

Approved 3rd November 2010

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