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Stotfold CemeteryStotfold is justifiably proud of its attractive and well maintained cemetery, with the old chapel at the foot of the hill and the beacon at the top.

Burial records dating back to the first interment in 1894 are held in the Town Council offices. Members of the public are free to make an appointment to view these during office opening hours.

You can search through over 4,000 records by first name or surname. The site will give you information on date & place of death, burial date, who performed the ceremony, the age of the person, as well as where they are located in the cemetery. (Garden of Rest, Old SectionNew Section , Lower Lawn Section and Beacon Section)

This information, covering the period from the first burial in the cemetery on 30th May 1898 up to the end of April 2006, has been compiled by Cllr. Alan Cooper, a lifetime resident of Stotfold. The majority of information has been taken from the Burials Registers held by Stotfold Town Council.

Date of death was not recorded until October 1934 so these have been taken, where possible, from surviving gravestones. Where other information was missing or there was some doubt on the accuracy then other sources, such as the Government Records Office (GRO) or National Census returns have been consulted.

Plain Register numbers indicate interments in the Old, New, Lawn or Beacon areas. Those prefixed with an 'E' indicate plots in the Garden of Rest while those prefixed with a 'C' are from entries in the Register of Stillborn Births (repeated in some cases in the main register).

Every effort has been made to give thorough and accurate information on each soul laid to rest in the cemetery over these years but, should you be aware any errors or have information to add, then please drop a note into the Town Council offices so this can be remedied at a later date.

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