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Past Citizens Award Winners

2011- Alan Syme, Ray Kilby, Colin Phelps, John Hyde
2012 - Christine Webster, Frances Huckle, Bill Cutler
2013 - Debbie Flanagan & Chris Charge (joint award), Louden Masterton
2014 - Pam Manfield, Val Bartlett & Sue Wright (joint award), Wendy Craig, Paul Redwood
2015 - Iain Rutherford & Patrick Chalmers
2016 - Val Balderstone & Ken Broadribb
2017 - Lyn Hayes, Kevin Balderstone, Brenda Saunders & Christine Smith
2018 - Jean Hill and Sheila Bundock


Annual Town Meeting & presentation of
Citizen Awards 2018

At the March Annual Town Meeting, the Mayor presented two of the town's residents with a Citizens Award.  Nominations for the awards are considered by the Establishment Committee in confidential session.  The Committee looks particularly for significant voluntary activity within our community.



 Mrs Jean Hill 

The first of tonight’s awards go to a person who joined the Guiding Guild over 13 years ago and has taken on roles such as Secretary & Chair. She has demonstrated great enthusiasm for Guiding and has been willing to help out wherever needed such as when the Rainbows wanted a patchwork mat depicting their branch. She, with support from Barbara Farman, produced a very detailed mat which now forms a focal point at all Rainbow enrolments.

She joined the Teasel group around 10 years ago and has since been a regular supporter to the work parties that look after our nature reserves and other open areas around the town without which Stotfold would not look as attractive as it does.

She became a volunteer helper in the Watermill Tea Rooms where her bright personality and ability to talk to people has been an asset to the team.

She has been instrumental in introducing the people of Stotfold to the ethos of Fairtrade goods which allow growers and producers in areas of the world having more difficult social and environmental climates than we enjoy to receive proper payment for their efforts. The premium from this improved income is used to finance projects within their own communities so that all benefit. She has given presentations at schools about this and attended local coffee mornings where she sells their products.

The Garden House Hospice raises funds by selling around 11,000 knitted baby chicks every year, these are all knitted by hand with eyes and beaks to be added. She has supported and taken part in this work for many years.

She has been a helper for the Messy Church meetings for families and helped out at both the Methodist Church and Salvation Army in Stotfold.

She has long been a supporter for Christian Aid and helped in the organisation, particularly for Christian Aid Week.

She has supported several local social groups such as the Gardening and Scrabble Clubs and, as a little added bonus between all these other activities, can be found picking up litter from our streets to dispose of it properly and keep Stotfold more tidy.

Always wearing her infectious smile, she has taken part willingly to help others and to play an active role in our community. The breadth of her activities indicates what an outstanding asset she has been to Stotfold and she will be missed by many when she shortly leaves us for pastures new!


 Mrs Sheila Bundock

The second of our ladies we wish to show our gratitude to has lived in Stotfold for around 50 years and during that time, alongside her own interests and family life, she has been a dedicated volunteer to numerous organisations.

Before our local schools had their own associations, she was a driving force behind the formation and running of the Stotfold Parents Association (SPA) which acted on behalf of our children against the many challenges and threats imposed by the Bedfordshire Education Authority.

The SPA organised holiday activities for children, coach trips, craft events and swimming in the pool at Etonbury school.

In 1972 the town was reintroduced to the pleasures of the annual Stotfold Carnival which was to continue for the next 30 years. A full-blown affair spread over a week with a lengthy procession of floats around the town on the last day culminating at the Hitchin Road Rec. where much entertainment was had.

She sat on the Carnival Committee as the SPA representative and assumed various roles until the demise of the Carnival.

The SPA always entered a colourful float in the carnival procession and she was always instrumental in organising that.

She chaired the Women’s Fellowship group for many years providing a meeting point for talks and activities by residents. This group OF COURSE would also have a float in the carnival parade, but she tended to prefer to be a ‘walker’ wearing some notable costume or other she had made herself – The ‘Stotfold Reflections’ book has in it a photograph of her disguised as a white rabbit!

She initially helped organise the annual Arts & Crafts Exhibition where residents of all ages were encouraged to demonstrate their creative skill. As time passed this was entirely organised by her until its final appearance in 2016, after 47 years!

With so much time on her hands she also managed to set the Carnival (later Festival) Quiz which has now been running for over 30 years – She is renowned as the quizmaster that nobody dares challenge and we hope she will carry on with this notably scary occupation for many more years.

In November 1983 the old ‘Stotfold Boys School’ in Church Road became the Roecroft Centre and she became a prominent member of the management committee, her enthusiasm was key to its foundation. For many years she acted as booking secretary and caretaker and she continues to be associated with this historic building as a Trustee and Secretary to the Limited Company registered charity. Insisting she is about to retire since 2007 she still retains the caretaker and keyholder roles. She assisted Norma Saunders in running a playgroup for pre-school children here and the Centre continues to provide a meeting venue for the benefit of local residents.

She has made and continues to make, apart from her other long term roles as both a Town Councillor and School Governor, a great impact to the benefit of our community.

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